Automatically fit web pages to the printed page from Internet Explorer!

Make any web page fit to printer page automatically!


Have you ever been frustrated with Internet Explorer’s printing capabilities? It will cut off edges of pages, print way too big and waste lots of paper. Help is at hand, PrintPunk will solve these and more problems! Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.


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Key Features


Fit to Printer Page Automatically fit web page to printer page when printing.
Fix web page print problems Fixes the problem where Internet explorer doesn't print the right hand side of a page, no more cut off tables when printing. Works with any paper size.
Printing Zoom Easily shrink and enlarge pages for printing.
Plug-in Toolbar for Internet Explorer Enhances internet explorer printing functionality.
On-Screen Zoom/Shrink Zoom web pages to larger or smaller size on screen for better viewing.
Auto Fit to window Fit the web page to the internet explorer window automatically.
Reduce printed pages Reduce the number of printed pages by shrinking the web page before printing.

PrintPunk can:
  • enlarge or shrink the webpage on the printed page to achieve any size of printing you desire.

  • automatically enlarge or shrink a web page to fit landscape and portrait layouts.

  • hide the images on the webpage so that they do not appear in the printed version.

  • support all page sizes including Letter, Legal and Executive and ISO standard sizes such as A3 and A4.

PrintPunk requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or 7. PrintPunk runs under Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

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